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Building A New Concept Car - work in the new car After the...

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Erik Korpalski CSE 131 Section 026 A37682394 9/4/07 Building A New Concept Car As a GM design engineer given the task of building a new concept car, there are many steps and research involved in completing this assignment. First off I would meet with my design team and research the kind of vehicle we plan on manufacturing. The next step would be coming to a decision as a team, deciding what the car is going to be powered by. After new improvements and designs were implemented into the car, the blueprints and drawings were made to specifications as agreed by our design team. Prototypes of new parts and systems were then made as guidelines for our new concept car to check if they would
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Unformatted text preview: work in the new car. After the actual parts were produced and put together to actually look like a new car, tests and runs were made on the car to ensure its safety and efficiency for its users and the environment. After a successful production the vehicle will be checked to be sure it meets the design plans one hundred percent. Other last minute checkups will be made before it is polished up and cleaned to be shown to the public as GM’s new concept car. It will be shown in the auto show to allow the public to get a glimpse of what the future holds in store for them. It gets them all hyped up and anxious to buy our concept car....
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