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Student File Submission Assignment Unit05_LabB_miniquiz 1. You have 25 minutes to complete and upload this miniquiz. “Prob4” Total mechanical (kinetic + potential) energy [J] for a falling object of mass m [kg] at height h [m] and velocity v [m/s 2 ] is given by the equation Where 9.81 [m/s 2 ] represents acceleration due to gravity. In this exercise we will demonstrate how to determine the height of an object if its total energy, mass, and velocity are known. Write a function named
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Unformatted text preview: Prob4.m with two outputs and three inputs. Outputs should be, in order: 1) symbolic solution for h in terms of E, v and m; and 2) numeric solution of (1) for an object with given total energy, mass, and velocity. Inputs will be 1) mass of object for numerical solution, 2) total energy for numerical solution, and 3) velocity for numerical solution Be sure to include all necessary comments in your function. Possible Points: 10...
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