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Quiz Unit 9A - ice-cream cone against its radius The...

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Student File Submission Assignment Unit09_LabA_miniquiz 1. An Ice-Cream Cone can be loosely modeled as a semi-sphere attached to an inverted right circular cone. For this geometry, the volume of ice cream can be determined by: Where R is the radius of the semi-sphere and base of the cone, and H is the height of the cone (without semi-sphere). These lengths will be in inches, and volume will be in cubic inches. Create a function, named IceCreamVolume , which will plot the volume of an
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Unformatted text preview: ice-cream cone against its radius. The function should take a scalar value of H as an input, and have no outputs. The plot should be over the range H/4 <= R <= H/ 2, and should include at least 100 data points. Do NOT use any of the EZ forms of the plotting functions. You need to generate the plot using the numeric forms. Your plot should be appropriately labelled, including a title, as well as labels on x and y axis. Possible Points: 10...
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