Unit11 LAB B - 7-B.1function convTable = Prob7_B_1(F...

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Unformatted text preview: 7-B.1function convTable = Prob7_B_1(F)% creates a conversion table from the given vector of% Fahrenheit degrees to Centigrade degrees% INPUT: F, a 1xn row vector of F temperatures% OUTPUT: convTable, an nx2 array which consists of [F C]convTable = [F' (F'-32)/1.8];7-B.2function [finalGrades, classAvg, tops] = Prob7_B_2(aTable)% finds the final grades, class average, and the student number% of the top scoring student given individual examination scores% INPUT: aTable, an nx5 array of student numbers, midterm, homework,% term project and final examination grades,% arranged in columns% OUTPUTS: finalGrades, an nx2 array of student numbers and final grades% classAvg, a scalar class average% tops, a scalar student number of the top scoring studentfinalGrades = 0.3*aTable(:,2)+0.2*aTable(:,3)+0.2*aTable(:,4)+0.3*aTable(:,5);stuNumbers = aTable(:,1);classAvg = mean(finalGrades);tops = stuNumbers(find(finalGrades==max(finalGrades)));finalGrades = [aTable(:,1) finalGrades];7-B.3function anArray = Prob7_B_3(anArray)% appends the input array with column sums, row sums,% and overall sum% INPUT: anArray, an nxm array% OUTPUT: anArray, an (n+1, m+1) array arranged such that:% [input_array sum_of_rows;% sum_of_columns sum_of_all_numbers]anArray = [anArray sum(anArray,2); sum(anArray) sum(sum(anArray))];...
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Unit11 LAB B - 7-B.1function convTable = Prob7_B_1(F...

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