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plotDiffEqSol - b_str = num2str(b eqn = strcat'Dy= a_str*y...

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function plotDiffEqSol(a, b) % Purpose: Plots values of the differential equation below, taking into % account the values of free variables "a" and "b" that are given as % input. % % Inputs: scalars a, b % Outputs: none a_str = num2str(a);
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Unformatted text preview: b_str = num2str(b); eqn = strcat('Dy=-', a_str, '*y'); const = strcat('y(0)=', b_str); result = dsolve(eqn, const); ezplot(result, [0, 10]); title(strcat('Plot of ', eqn, ' with y(t=0)=', b_str)); xlabel('t'); ylabel('y');...
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