Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Adult Sexual Relationships Dating Fun...

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Chapter 9: Adult Sexual Relationships 0. Dating: Fun or Serious Business? 1. Marriage: Happy Ever After? 2. Same-Sex Relationships 3. Divorce: Whose Fault or No-Fault? Dating: Fun or Serious Business? 4. Dating is a way to discover and compare qualities in search of the best partner 5. Dating has recreational value 6. Dating provides companionship, emotional support, possibly economic support 7. Factors related to those who date: better physical & emotional health, higher self-esteem, sex-role identity 8. Can be difficult for homosexuals to find dates 9. Types of Dating and How Do We Meet? 10. Interracial Dating 11. Dating after Divorce or Widowhood 12. Sexuality in Dating Relationships and Elderly Relationships 13. Cohabitation Types of Dating and How Do We Meet? 14. Many different levels of commitment 15. Those with more free time (college students) tend to date more 16. Traditional dating has been replaced by more casual dating, with less chaperoned time 17. It is difficult to initiate dating, and this may worsen as people get older and have less ways of meeting people Interracial Dating 18. 25% of college students reported currently being in an interracial relationship 19. 50% would be open to dating someone of another race 20. African Americans are more open to interracial dating than Caucasians 0. More exposure to white culture 1. More Caucasians available 2. Reduced pool of available black men Dating After Divorce or Widowhood 21. Dating environment is different than when they dated before marriage 22. Widowhood is an obstacle in finding another partner 23. Fewer social opportunities to find a partner 24. May decide to cohabitate, rather than remarry 25. Older men more likely to date if socially active and relatively young 26. Older women more apt if healthy and mobile Sexuality in Dating Relationships 27. In college, “hooking up” is becoming more common 28. Some couples abstain from sex
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29. If one person in a couple is a virgin, they are more likely to abstain if it is a female virgin than a male virgin 30. The woman’s past sexual experience more strongly predicts a couple’s sexual behavior Sexuality in Elderly Relationships 0. Society links sexuality with youth, though most elderly are sexually interested and active 1. 50% of 60 years+ Americans report sex is as good, or better than, when they were younger 2. Frequency of intercourse declines with age 3. Sex once/month, or more – about 50% of those 60+; 40% wanted it more often 31. Most common behaviors over 80: touching, masturbation, sexual intercourse 32. No differences related to sexual orientation 33. Preferences may change: less intercourse and more oral sex 34. Factors related to sexual maintenance: age, physical health, medications, satisfaction in life, partner availability 35. Most common sexual problem for elderly women: lack of tenderness & sexual contact 36. Discontinuance of intercourse in a marriage is typically due to the male’s refusal or inability; erectile problems due to a variety of reasons
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Adult Sexual Relationships Dating Fun...

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