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Apr 02 Notes - 04-02-2007 Mediterranean Italy Initial...

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04-02-2007 Mediterranean Italy Initial Landing 9-3-1943- we had a chance to end it early because the east side was much more easily traveled over and there was a hole in the German Line. West side- Landed without artillery, traveled northward to the Gustave Line where the river was heavily fortified. East side-German’s quickly plugged the gap in the line because the Brits were so slow, it caused for a much harder battle. Salerno landing 9-9-1943 Botched airdrop Saved by naval shellfire Capturing Naples Gustave Line Rapido River suicide mission Frontal assault, No Dukws- Ducks (land and sea vehicle), driven by black soldiers Rubber rafts and German tanks Cassino and Monte Cassino- Historic monastery, good defensive point, Germans and Italians claimed that they weren’t using it as a fortification, but the allied forces had to attack it in order to get through the area “Purple Heart Valley” (Liri Valley) Anzio (Hell’s Half Acre) landing, January 1944 Initial surprise- Landed and no one knew they were there, they set up a beachhead, known as the beachhead the had no back. Kesselring’s boast Stuck in the beachhead- became war of attrition since both sides were stuck in there Places. “Anzio Annie” German 170mm gun
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Apr 02 Notes - 04-02-2007 Mediterranean Italy Initial...

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