Apr 4th Notes

Apr 4th Notes - Normandy Who should command Stalin's...

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04-04-2007 Normandy Who should command? Stalin’s question at Tehran Conference George Marshall?- not allowed to leave DC and his desk job Dwight Eisenhower Bernard Montgomery, CC Ground Forces Trafford Leigh-Mallory, Bertram Ramsey The Plan “the most massive ever conceived” Why Normandy?- easier to hide and bigger ports Caen to Bayeux 5 Beaches- two American and three British and commonwealth British: Caen to Caen Falaise Plain US: First army to Cherbourg, then Paris, Third army (Patton): Brittany ports, Air fields and blocking positions Separate peace with Air Forces- convinced to use transportation plan instead of oil Flaws- not suited for the American way of war. Monty got the tanks Americans got the bocage- hedge rows, trench fortification at each field, hard on Tanks, not well suited and not well informed Operation Fortitude British brilliance: Ruse de Guerre- deception A fake army in East Anglia and Kent- set up whole army that didn’t exist, They had Patton doing press things in England as an aside and further deception Spying on the Nazi spies: disinformation
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Apr 4th Notes - Normandy Who should command Stalin's...

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