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Apr 23rd Notes - 4-23-2007 The Last Drives Stalin's fear...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-23-2007 The Last Drives Stalin's fear that the Germans were dogging it- complained that they were moving too fast and taking too much territory. Monty to Lubeck Simpson to Elbe River- first American army to get to the Elbe river Patton to Czechoslovakia Ike forgoes Berlin Churchill, Monty & Patton: "On to Berlin" Casualties- to take it meant sustaining a lot of casualties, 361K Russian soldiers died in the taking. Agreements about zones- it would have belonged to Russia anyways Soviet violations of wartimes agreements for postwar Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc.- cleared the German population out and armed the Greek Army Communists Churchill's plea to keep going- thought that we could create a peaceful world Churchill v. Roosevelt Stalin: GB's honor, Russia's security Truman's inexperience Polish contribution to the W. war effort Could we have saved Poland? No, but we could have charged a higher price Soviets took Poland, we took more of Germany A Final Reckoning The Russian taunt The military reality US-GB, et. al contribution- number of Germans pinned down by allied powers Balkins, 5-600,000 Battle of the Atlantic, 40,000 North Africa, 500,000 Italy, 500,000 Air War, 1-2,000,000 France, 1,500,000 4,040,000 Germans killed or occupied Japanese deterred from Siberia Lend Lease- Sherman tanks and Aircobras Air power contribution to Soviets- GB&US forced Germans to use half of their munitions on Anti-Aircraft defense US-GB- overall took about 4 million Germans total Russians, lost 27,000,000 men Japanese Relocation War and ethnocultural upheaval Moderate for most Tumultuous for Japanese Americans- 130,000 were interned and 150,000 were not Interned, the ones that weren't lived in Hawaii which was under Marshall Law and the leader took the tact of finding the unloyal ones and letting the others live free. ...
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Apr 23rd Notes - 4-23-2007 The Last Drives Stalin's fear...

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