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Feb 13th - jcshelto@email.unc.edu A Different Kind of War...

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jcshelto@email.unc.edu A Different Kind of War - 650,000 lost in the war (more than all other American conflicts together) - Longer than anticipated and worse than anticipated I. Its defining features a. Civil i. Two sides unable to negotiate. Fighting over the intangible idea of sovereign power. Union was fighting a war of conquest while the CSA was fighting for maintenance. b. Democratic i. Not fought between to totalitarian governments, instead it was fought between two democratic societies. Both sides needed to maintain the voluntary popular support of the white males. ii. Union is fighting to preserve the Union that was declared in 1776. iii. The CSA fought to defend constitutional liberties concerning state rights, but everyone knew that they we really fighting to preserve state rights. iv. Both sides appointed political generals as a result of the each ‘president’s’ need to maintain popular support. The generals mainly had strong political connections. Many of them became utter disasters. 1. Seagull (appealed to German Americans) from the Union was involved in one of the first battle of the war Bull Run, where he allowed the confederate troops to escape restage and win the battle. 2. Felix Zollicoffer (appealed to southern Whigs) first general to die in battle, died due to sheer stupidity and hubris. George Crittenden was Felix’s superior, however, he was an alcoholic and did not do a suitable job supervising. v. Battles fought for non-strategic reasons 1. East TN guerilla groups fight the CSA, Lincoln was constantly pressuring generals to throw troops to TN. Army went up the red river in LA to get cotton and set up voting areas 2. Confederate invasions of Maryland and Kentucky vi. Democratic characteristics defined the shape of the war vii. French man said that it takes a democratic society much longer to decide
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Feb 13th - jcshelto@email.unc.edu A Different Kind of War...

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