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Feb 20th - confederates were confident and over pampered...

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Strategic Decisions and Waging the War (banana wars 1950s) (Nicaragua 1930s) -troops had a week to ten days away from supply base before they would begin to falter. - Rebels apparently lacked a map and did not plan to seal of rail and water ways that the Union could use against them to attack. I. The Union a. Exploit its naval strength i. Uses Hatteras as a base of operations 1. seized Roanoke Island in November 2. small scale raids conducted to undermine slave way of life b. Phase one: a police action i. Ends with first Bull Run- July 1861 II. Phase II a. A conventional war to be fought within the confines of the Constitution i. Rebels believed that they should mass troops at the front lines ii. Study of Revolutionary War. 1. Washington’s strategy, Fabian strategy were you surrender uncritical land, avoid major conflict until you are certain of victory, keep army intact, use army to maintain strategic control. 2. one major difference between patriots and confederates,
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Unformatted text preview: confederates were confident and over pampered and believed that the north would fail without southern commerce and if by chance they could then the Brits would break the blockade in order to resume trade. 3. Never consciously employed iii. Troops funneled up to Richmond and Kentucky iv. First to violate Kentucky’s neutrality and should have built forts on the Kentucky side of the Tennessee River but had already started on the other side. Meanwhile, Rebel troops were maintaining the long (300 mile) KY line. v. Grant took Henry, cut off davis’ supply lines, the rebs move to Donaldson, grant takes Donaldson, the union just moves down the Cumberland river and the takes Nashville etc. vi. New Orleans fell early April 1862 vii. 2/3 southern trade shut off, blockade secure, control of space by union b. The key: McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign in the spring of 1862 c. What went wrong?...
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