February 27th

February 27th - February 27th The West in 1862: The CSA...

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February 27 th The West in 1862: The CSA Holds On -Lee took advantage of vulnerable troops and geography to get his first major victory at 2 nd Bull Run -He had two choices, Move back to recoup and repair weak links and force the Union army to bring the war to him, take advantage of his troop’s confidence and Army of Potomac’s loss of moral. Instead he chose the second option and launch his first northern invasion into Maryland. -Wanted to re-supply his army and bring back fresh supplies. -Wanted to get the war out of Virginia -Political objective to get Maryland to succeed -Diplomatic objective to convince the north that it was hopeless to fight this war - Moving into Maryland Lee divided his army - Part to Harper’s Ferry to attempt to regain territory -Part to Longstreet to move the army North - Lincoln had no choice but to immediately reinstate McClellan. -McClellan is on Lee’s heels two week faster than Lee thought he would be. -A private in McClellan’s army found Lee’s orders wrapped around a cigar - Lee discovered the fact while near Sharpsburg VA -Lee decided to fight at Antietam -2-1 fight - Bloodiest single day battle of the war - more killed and wounded was four times the first day American casualties at D-Day -Lee lost ¼ of his army. - McClellan quintessential Napoleon attack -to the left, to the right, through the middle -Fighting was unorganized and the plan did not work well -Unbelievably savage - Burnside led the attack on the right, he had to go over a creek, he got bogged down for
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February 27th - February 27th The West in 1862: The CSA...

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