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February 26th

February 26th - super divinity Amun-Ra Opet Festival annual...

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February 26 th Egypt- Our information is coming from the cemeteries not the civilizations themselves, the civic complexes/ pyramids. Pyramid Complexes- 3-5 months a year the people lived and worked at the complex. However, they were not slaves. They participated as a form of taxation/civic duty. Taxation was also paid with tithes of food. Il Kahun- Middle kingdom (1900-1800) with pyramid town build around it. Pius Estates- lands owned by a wealthy family used to support the mortuary cult Egyptians were intense record keepers. There are family trees, records of slaves, priests, kings etc. Return to Thebes Amun- local divinity of Upper Egypt which became incorporated with Ra, and becomes a
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Unformatted text preview: super divinity, Amun-Ra. Opet Festival- annual festival when statues of Amun and his family are brought from their permanent residence through the temple and along with miniature boat are set up in the temple. Then the king has a meeting with the god and becomes rejuvenated Minoan- first urban palaces, they collapsed in 1400BC and the Mycenaean’s took over between 1500 to 1200 BC Dark Age from 12000-800BC, collapse of writing and structure following the loss of the Mycenean civilization Linear B can not be translated....
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