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03-06-2007 Methods of Native American Warfare - Primary weapons are the bow and some sort of club, they had wooden armor as well that covered their backs which suggests strike and run, ambush warfare tactics. - The reason that they preferred ambush tactics is because they were small scale societies, they needed to avoid casualties - Chiefs that led ambushes that led to a lot of casualties usually got fired Did the arrival of gun powder lead to a military revolution among the Native Americans? 1 Weapons - bullets much more lethal - societies with guns use them on inland societies without guns - come to only rely on the ambush, move away from fortifications (steel axe took forts) - Armor goes away and club remains due to value of prisoners 2 Reliance on Europeans - Natives can’t figure out how to make gun powder - Prolonged contact with Europeans for gun powder supplies - Disease, increase in warfare to find more population - Natives move and Migrate 3 Double Vulnerability - Cannon -
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