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04-05-2007 - 5 April 2007 World War I Alliances Western...

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5 April 2007 World War I Alliances Western Front Ghost of Napoleon Eastern Front Imperialism Middle East Naval Race 1917 Nationalism -World War I, treated as a legacy of the manpower revolution (Levee en Masse), the industrial revolution and the managerial revolution these 3 things together created World War I -Reasons for the outbreak of WWI -Alliance system -when Bismarck created Germany out of Prussia, he manipulated the European preference for a balance of power he created a large German state w/o generating European alliances against him -pursuit of a balance of power becomes too hard for the other European countries to maintain and instead becomes a pursuit for allies -by 1914, Russia with France; Britain allied to Russia and France; Austria-Hungary allied with Germany, who is nominally allied with Italy (eventually opts out) -Ghost of Napoleon -still present idea that the offensive is what will win the next war (reinforced during Franco- Prussian War) -`elan'—high-spirited aggressiveness, used by the French -Imperialism, or imperial expansion -a competitive imperial expansion amongst European powers -they were all seeking markets for their Industrial Revolution goods -wanted more colonies than their rivals competed for space, control and power -Naval Race
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-late 19 th and early 20 th c, Europeans convinced by the theories of Mahan that the way to great
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