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04-26-2007 I. Decision Cycle Want to shorten ours by moving information more quickly and lengthen theirs II. Guerilla Warfare becomes Terrorism A. Expect to inflict major casualties B. Terrorism has a different set of goals a. Indiscriminate violence against a specific group without hope of ever truly conquering a powerful state. Just poking at them. i. Olympic kidnapping Terrorist- Multiple Audiences Speaking to other members of their groups To Potential supporters “See what we can do to our enemies”
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Unformatted text preview: International Public Opinion- no publicity is bad publicity Avowed enemy and their public- convince them that this has no end Role of public opinion Convince them that there is no possibility of success Does the population believe that the war is right?-tactics of terrorist convince public that we must continue US unchallengeable in any traditional manner...
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