class notes 02-20-2007

class notes 02-20-2007 - Defense Mechanisms-unconscious...

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Defense Mechanisms -unconscious actions that we use to protect ourselves from our fears/guilt/etc Repression- Distressing thoughts buried in the unconscious Projection- Attribute own thoughts or ideas to another Displacement- Emotions directed at a substitute target Reaction Formation- Behaving in a manner the opposite of true feelings Regression- Revert to immature behavior patterns Rationalization- False but plausible excuses for our behavior Identification- Increasing self-esteem by forming a relationship with a person or group Sublimation- use your drives, id, libido, etc to do something that is social sanctioned. As a sexual person a woman could become a jazz dancer to express herself. Neo-Freudian 1. Accept notions of unconscious processes and conflicts among psychological forces 2. reject central roles of sexuality 3. Carl Jung 4. Jung said Freud viewed the brain “as an appendage of the genital glands” 5. Collective unconscious- repository or ideas, feeling and symbols shared by all
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class notes 02-20-2007 - Defense Mechanisms-unconscious...

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