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Class Notes - around it Defense Mechanisms know them look at them know what they mean Humanistic psychology read about it in the book Existential

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03-08-2007 Evolutionary Psychology- continued…. Aggression and Warfare- Maleness is the leading cause of violence. Jealousy is the female counterpoint. Hope for Homo Sapiens -cooperation -we can learn -awareness -saints and sages - Women -However, so far no one has done a good job of moderating the male aggression Danger of ……………………… Review Unmitigated drive material- unregulated Circumventing the pronunciation of drive-to give up your sexual or aggressive drive to get
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Unformatted text preview: around it. Defense Mechanisms- know them, look at them, know what they mean Humanistic psychology- read about it in the book. Existential psych- know it WOW THIS IS SOOOO HELPFUL Seriously. Why am I here, this is a waste of time but I would be feeling guilty if I didn’t come, so freaking boring and so not helpful at all. Neural psychology My brain… every single lobe …is bored....
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