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class notes 03-29-2007

class notes 03-29-2007 - Schizophrenic Disorders 1...

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03-29-2007 Schizophrenic Disorders 1. Schizophrenia means “split mind” a. Fragmentation of thought processes, not “split personality” b. Definition: a class of disorders marked by delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, and deterioration of adaptive behavior. It is a thought disorder. c. 1% to 1.5 % of the population 2. Symptoms a. Irrational though i. Central feature disorder ii. Delusions iii. Delusions of grandeur iv. Loosening of associations b. Deterioration of Adaptive Behavior i. Work, social relations, personal care c. Distorted perception i. Hallucinations d. Disturbed emotion i. Flattening of emotions ii. Emotionally volatile unpredictable Subtypes 1. Paranoid type a. delusions of persecution and grandeur 1. being watched and manipulated 2. Catatonic type a. striking motor disturbances ranging from muscular rigidity to random motor activity b. catatonic stupor 3. Disorganized type a. sever deterioration of adaptive behavior b. emotional indifference frequent incoherence virtually complete social
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