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04-26-2007 D. Cognitive Therapy 1. Emphasizes recognizing and changing negative thoughts and maladaptive beliefs 2. Depression errors in thinking a. blame self, not situation b. focus negative events c. pessimistic about future d. conclude no worth because of events 3. Directive E. Group Therapy F. Behavior Therapy 1. Behavior product of learning 2. Unlearn 3. Systematic desensitization a. anxiety hierarchy b. deep muscle relaxation
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Unformatted text preview: c. work through hierarchy d. aversion therapy e. social skills training G. Biomedical Therapies 1. 1952 Chlorpromazine 2. revolution in psychiatry 3. antianxiety 4. antipsychotic 5. anti depressant 6 electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) H. Institutional Treatment 1. Mental Hospitals 1840s 2. Deinstitutionalization 1960s 3. Community mental health 4. Revolving door 5. Homelessness...
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