Halloween essay - The meta-cinematic opening foreshadows the context of the entire scene The television plays uplifting music before playing

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KK Carothers English 105 Essay 1 There’s No Such Thing As The Boogey Man Chapter thirteen in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) gives the audience a brief moment to rationally absorb foreshadowing details and to invest faith in Laurie by implementing solely diegetic sound, using steady camera positioning on Laurie and Tommy, and installing a meta-cinematic element. The previous and the following scenes (both last over twice the length of this one minute and thirty second scene) contain horrifying events with nondiegetic music, while this short, yet efficient scene employs only diegetic audio. This component produces a more realistic feel; the lack of artificial sound pulls the audience directly into the setting and the characters. By slowly tracking and panning to initially create the actors’ position, the audience can effectively observe the scene without distraction. It establishes a steady and stable sense to relax the viewers.
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Unformatted text preview: The meta-cinematic opening foreshadows the context of the entire scene. The television plays uplifting music before playing characteristic horror music showing the scary movie The Thing , similar to the dialogue between Laurie and Tommy; Tommy asks, “What about the jack-o-lantern?”, then “What about my comic books?”, before finally asking, “What about the boogey man?”. Raising light questions before the ominous inquiry correlates to the aforementioned diegetic sound in the movie. This creepy meta-cinematic feature foreshadows frightening events yet to occur. Carpenter utilizes these techniques to create stability, allowing viewers to rationally appreciate Laurie’s promise to Tommy to protect him under any circumstance, which she ultimately upholds. 1...
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