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KK Carothers English 105.04 Essay 6 08 November 2006 A Film of Twisted Logic: Dario Argento’s Opera ’s Senseless Plot Stream Dario Argento’s filming in Opera (1987) suggests the necessary reliance on deeper, hidden meaning rather than on the apparent plot to convey a theme. His cutting and inconsistent scenes create a sense of nervousness, confusion, and anxiety among the audience, who must witness the film and comprehend individual details; viewers cannot logically, or even chronologically, grasp the movie’s random flow. Much like a poem or other printed fiction, Argento’s movie requires multiple viewings in order to understand the details of the situation because a single perusal cannot fully reveal the story’s symbolically heavy plot. This unsystematic style of filming directly correlates to the seemingly illogical progress and physical content of the scenes of the policeman Alan Santini’s murderous rampages. The lack of clear details forces viewers to rely solely on symbols to solve the mysteries of the movie, just as Betty must uncover the purpose and the identity of her predator. Argento’s frantic and twisted filming in two separate murder scenes demonstrates this correlation; the mansion scene where Betty witnesses Stefano’s death and the flashback of the child Betty observing Santini’s murder of an innocent woman create a sense of ambiguity for the confused audience and for the perplexed Betty.
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opera essay - 1 KK Carothers English 105.04 Essay 6 08...

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