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KK Carothers English 105 Essay 3 The Gateway of Exploitation: Violating Women in Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby Just as pornography degrades a woman’s image, the occult film exploits women and more importantly what stereotypically exists as women’s most invaluable, unique, feature: the womb, the birthplace and home to all humans. Unlike pornography, however, the occult genre portrays this degradation more subtly through symbolism. Specifically in Rosemary’s Baby (1968), director Roman Polanski (charged once with sexual abuse of a thirteen year old girl) reveals female interior space (Clover 112), that is, the women genitalia or its any reference to it, by incorporating various images signifying the space and ultimately exploiting it. Decorating the Woodhouse’s apartment and the image of peepholes and keyholes exemplify the abuse of the feminine, internal space. The renovations of the Woodhouse’s apartment indicate the abuse of the female space. It harbors the growth of Rosemary, Guy, and their baby. Even the name “Rosemary” alludes to the feminine; “Rose”, like the flower, structurally appears like a human vagina and scientifically serves as the ovaries for the plant, while “Mary” refers to the Biblical Mary, whose womb produces the enemy of Satan. Their residence, like the home for a developing baby in a womb, initially appears warm and dark. When the
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rosemaryys baby - 1 KK Carothers English 105 Essay 3 The...

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