Cool and Hard Bop Melodic Styles

Cool and Hard Bop Melodic Styles - pieces-more...

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Quality Cool Hard Bop Timbre - softer, smoother, more relaxed - midrange of instruments emphasized - almost no use of blue note effects - soft attacks and legato - Bebop-like, hard-edged, brittle, insistent - Use of upper registers - Blue-note effects, blues riffs - Wide variety of attacks and articulations Phrasing - irregular, like bebop phrasing - much use of space between phrases - slightly more regular than bebop phrasing - return to two and for-bar units in funky/soul jazz Rhythm - much greater variety than bop in up-tempo and medium tempo
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Unformatted text preview: pieces-more syncopated -trend toward simpler blues patterns-more variety than bebop Thematic Continuity-balanced between motivic and voice leading-motives sometimes emphasized over voice leading Chord-scale Relations-inside, often with the extended chord tones heard in bop-inside, often based on blues scale Large-scale Coherence-motivic structure and voice leading -balance of gesture-motivic, especially in funky/soul jazz, use of climax/release and gestural balance-...
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  • Spring '08
  • Grismore
  • extended chord tones, medium tempo pieces, blue note effects, Relations Large-scale Coherence, simpler blues patterns

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