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Patrick 1 Dustin Patrick Mr. Ellis English Composition 1110 25 October 2007 Spiderman and Batman Comparison Superheroes are generally similar in the instance that they are simplistically evolved. Every hero had an arch nemesis and also had a woman as the ideal ownership of the good guy title. The surrogate fathers of both Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker play the most inspirited roles in both movies; however Jack Napier and Norman Osborne had a negative influence. The two women always get saved in both movies constantly and are also what drives the enemies back for revenge on the hero. Mary Jane Watson and Vicki Vale both have a desire by the end of the movie to be with the hero. Peter Parker, also known as Spiderman and Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, choose to serve their community as protectors. If every hero had a destiny to be a protector of the public, had a supporting father figure, denied the ability to love, then there will be an arch enemy trying to destroy them. Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne are similar in several ways. One of the ways that they are similar is that Parker and Wayne both want to help the public as themselves. Parker was in the studies of sciences and Wayne had a billion dollar company that he inherited. As their other personalities both Batman and Spiderman have an instinct to help save people. The difference between them is Spiderman had the superpower to sense danger, build spider-webs, superhuman strength, and Batman is just human with aerobatic ability. Wayne and Parker both suffered a death in the family that made them
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Patrick 2 want to continue helping people. Parker wanted it to be known that he was a superhero because he was just a teenage looking for his fame. Wayne wanted to remain anonymous
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Spiderman Paper - Patrick 1 Dustin Patrick Mr. Ellis...

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