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Patrick 1 Dustin Patrick Mr. Ellis English Composition 1110 25 November 2007 Unbreakable There are several types of superheroes and ways to identify them, in the movie Unbreakable, it is a little difficult to identify that David Dunn is a superhero. Over the years David Dunn had resisted the possibility of him being anything but an average male. David Dunn was in a terrible train accident at the beginning of the movie, which he was the only survivor. The man that gains interest in David Dunn’s miraculous ability to come out unharmed was Elijah Price. Elijah was also known as Mr. Glass, for being able to break bones very easily. Elijah informs Dunn about how improbable it is he is alive right now unless he was a superhero. When Dunn was in high school, he got in a terrible car accident that ended his football career. The thing is Dunn was living a lie to stay together with his girl friend Audrey Inverso. David had vivid memories of him ever being sick or injured which was kind of strange. If Unbreakable is arguably the best movie of M. Night Shyamalan and the characters have a symbolic meaning to the film producer, then Unbreakable one of the best comic book movies produced. Even though David Dunn resisted his call to duty several times, it took a man by the name of Elijah to find him. The most of the characters in the movie Unbreakable have biblical meanings. M. Night Shyamalan grew up as a Christian and wanted to incorporate it into his movies. In the bible, David was chosen by God to defeat Goliath. The Israelites under Saul were facing the army of Philistines (Schoenberg 1). Goliath the
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Patrick 2 giant champion wanted to fight the Israelite champion. David insisted to his brother that he could defeat Goliath. Saul heard David’s statement and granted access to the fight. God gave strength to David to fight off Goliath and was victorious (Schoenberg 3). After his successful victory he then scared off the other Philistines. In return God just asked for people to recognize it was Him who gave David the ability to beat the giant. M. Night Shyamalan used David because he too was chosen to save people from enemies. It took David Dunn a while to realize that he had the ability to help people, but once he did Dunn chose to use his power that was given to him. The name Elijah in the bible was a prophet of God. The story in the bible that defines Elijah the best was when God told Elijah that it was not going to rain in Israel until it was commanded. Knowing the king was going to get angry and for Elijah’s protect he banished from town for three years. As God said it wasn’t going to rain until
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Unbreakable - Patrick 1 Dustin Patrick Mr. Ellis English...

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