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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice 2 Criminal Justice and...

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Criminal Justice 2 Criminal Justice and Police Brutality Today One major question that people ask is “what causes crime”? There are several types of factors that cause crimes. The majority of crime is cause by Americans who live in poverty. Black males that are unemployed have a 2 times higher rate of committing crime that of white males (Torr, 2004, pp.22). The recent economic changes could also be seen in New York, with poor white immigrants committing crimes. The history of immigrants involved in crimes has been dated back to 1910’s and 1920’s (Torr, 2004, pp.22). Irish, Italian, and Jewish neighborhoods had extremely high rates of street crimes. The reason for this was the new immigrants arrived at a time when wages were and at a low and jobs were lost. The people in New York tried to stay in doors as much as possible. Another Cause of Crime is drug abuse. The crime related to substance abuse ranges from beyond just drug possession (Torr, 2004, pp.53). There are high numbers of crimes committed that involved drugs. Gangs today control a drug market. This market is the “turf” that their gangs
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