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Chapter 10 1. protest politics- Political actions designed to broaden conflicts and activate outside parties to pressure the bargaining process in ways favorable to the protestors. 2. mass movement- The participation of large numbers of previously passive bystanders in a political protest action. 3. relative deprivation -The theory that people mobilize politically not when they are worst off, but when they perceive that they are deprived unjustly, relative to other groups in the population. 4. transactional leader -A party or interest group leader whose leadership is based on
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Unformatted text preview: brokering beneficial exchanges with followers, such as patronage jobs for votes. 5. transforming leader-A mass movement leader who engages the full personalities of followers, helping them to go beyond self-interest and participate in direct political action. 6. civil disobedience-The deliberate violation of the law by persons willing to accept the law's punishment in order to dramatize a cause. 7. agent provocateur-A person employed, usually by the government, to incite other people to break the law and thus make them liable to punishment....
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