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Unformatted text preview: FALL 2018 CATALOG 2018–2019 THE UNDERGRADUATE SCHEDULE OFSCHOOL CLASSES THE GRADUATE SCHOOL The University Made for You The University Made for You UMUC.EDU UMUC.EDU UMUC IN MARYLAND AND AROUND THE WORLD At University of Maryland University College (UMUC), a high-quality education is always within reach. UMUC is dedicated to offering on-site and online courses and resources to adult students in Maryland and around the world. Under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense, UMUC is one of the largest providers of education to the U.S. military worldwide and serves 50,000 active-duty military servicemembers, reservists, veterans, and their families. With more than 140 worldwide classroom and service locations in more than 20 countries and territories and more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degree, certificate, and specialization curricula offered entirely online, UMUC makes it possible to earn a widely respected degree from just about anywhere. UMUC’s commitment to students around the globe extends far beyond providing access to excellent degree programs. An online academic and administrative services portal, MyUMUC, makes it simple for you to register for courses, pay tuition, apply for graduation, and update your personal information when it’s convenient for you. You can also access academic and career advising, financial aid counseling, library services, and much more online via the university’s website or by phone or e-mail. All over the world, UMUC gives you what you need to succeed. From the Dean Welcome to The Undergraduate School at University of Maryland University College (UMUC). For more than 70 years, UMUC has been proud to serve our students. Our mission—to offer quality academic programs to students whose responsibilities may include jobs, family, and military service— is always at the heart of our decisions. Your success is our priority. Our programs and courses are designed to give you the best possible academic training, preparation, and credentials for a successful career in your field. This catalog is your guidebook to academics at UMUC. The catalog describes the current degree programs, courses, and graduation requirements in The Undergraduate School. Here you will find academic requirements and information for each major, as well as important details about financial aid, admission, transfer credit, and many other topics. I am delighted to welcome you to the UMUC community and wish you the very best in pursuing your educational and career goals. I welcome your e-mail comments at [email protected] Sincerely, Kara Van Dam, PhD Vice Provost and Dean The Undergraduate School POLICY STATEMENT This publication and its provisions do not constitute, and should not be regarded as, a contract between UMUC and any party or parties. At the time of publication, reasonable effort was made to ensure the factual accuracy of the information. However, this publication is not a complete statement of all policies, procedures, rules, regulations, academic requirements, and tuition and fees applicable to UMUC, its students, or its programs. In addition, changes or additions may be made to the policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and academic requirements set out in this publication. UMUC reserves the right to make these changes and additions to the information in this publication without prior notice. This catalog provides the degree requirements and recommended curriculum for students who begin continuous study on or after August 1, 2018. (Details are listed on p. 7.) When a curriculum or graduation requirement is changed, it is not made retroactive unless the change is to the student’s advantage and can be accommodated within the span of years normally required for graduation. See additional policies on pp. 221–223. Sources for any claims made throughout this catalog may be found on the UMUC website (umuc.edu). 1 U N D E R G R A D U AT E C ATA LO G | 2018–2019 u m u c .e d u /u g p r o g r a m s This PDF is interactive. If you click on a page number in the table of contents or the index, it will take you directly to that page. Jump back to the table of contents or the index by clicking on the buttons on the outside margin of each page. Table of Contents WELCOME TO UMUC 4 4 4 Made for You Carrying Out the Mission Facilities and Programs THE UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL 5 Preparing Citizens for the Future 5 Serving Adult Students 6 Educational Relationships BACHELOR’S DEGREE REQUIREMENTS 7 Expectations 7 Requirements BACHELOR’S DEGREE CURRICULA 4 5 7 10 10 Majors and Minors 11 Descriptions of Majors and Minors 11 Accounting 13 African American Studies 14 Art 14 Art History 14 Biology 15 Biotechnology 16 Business Administration 18 Communication Studies 20 Computer Networks and Cybersecurity 22 Computer Science 25 Contract Management and Acquisition 25 Criminal Justice 27 Cybersecurity 27 Cybersecurity Management and Policy 29 Digital Media and Web Technology 31 Diversity Awareness 32 East Asian Studies 34 Economics 34 Emergency Management 35 English 37 Environmental Management 39 Finance 41 Fire Service Administration 41 Forensics 42 General Studies 42 Gerontology and Aging Services 44 Graphic Communication 46 Health Services Management 48 History 50 Homeland Security 52 Humanities 53 Human Resource Management 55 Information Systems Management 57 Investigative Forensics 59 Laboratory Management 60 Law for Business 61 Legal Studies 62 Management Studies 64 Marketing 66 Mathematical Sciences 66 Natural Science 67 Nursing for Registered Nurses 68 Personal Financial Planning 69 Philosophy 69 Political Science 71 Psychology 73 Public Safety Administration 75 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship 75 Social Science 77 Sociology 78 Software Development and Security 79 Speech Communication 80 Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure 80 Women’s Studies MAJORS are indicated in bold. 2 U N D E R G R A D U AT E C ATA LO G | 2018–2019 u m u c .e d u /u g p r o g r a m s This PDF is interactive. If you click on a page number in the table of contents or the index, it will take you directly to that page. Jump back to the table of contents or the index by clicking on the buttons on the outside margin of each page. ASSOCIATE OF ARTS DEGREE 81 Requirements 81 Curricula CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS 90 Curricula 90 Requirements 90 Certificate Descriptions INFORMATION ON COURSES 94 The Unit of Credit 94 Prerequisites 94 Key to Course Descriptions 95 Index to Course Descriptions 96 Undergraduate Courses ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS 185 190 Scholastic and Administrative Standards Rights and Responsibilities of the Student ADMISSION AND ENROLLMENT 193 General Information and Open Houses 193 Admission 195 Registration 196 Financial Information WAYS OF EARNING CREDIT 199 201 3 Earning Credit at UMUC Transferring Credit from Outside Sources 81 90 94 205 SERVICES AND RESOURCES 205 Availability of Services 205 General Information 206 Admission Assistance 206 Academic Advising 207 Accessibility Services 207 MyUMUC 207 Financial Aid 209 Veterans Benefits and Resources 211 Graduation Clearance and Services 211 Transcript Services 212 Verification Services 212 Student Advisory Council 212 Other Resources 215 ADMINISTRATION 185 215 University System of Maryland 215 UMUC 218 CONTACT INFORMATION 193 218 218 218 UMUC Stateside UMUC Europe UMUC Asia POLICIES APPENDICES 199 INDEX DEGREE PLANNING WORKSHEET U N D E R G R A D U AT E C ATA LO G | 2018–2019 221 224 227 236 u m u c .e d u /u g p r o g r a m s Welcome to UMUC MADE FOR YOU access student services online and by phone, as well as on-site. From its founding in 1947, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) was designed to meet the educational needs of adult students like you—students who must balance study with the demands of work and family life. Convenience and flexibility are not the only concerns, however. UMUC seeks to create a learning environment that is respectful of diverse backgrounds, inclusive, responsive, and relevant. TABLE OF CONTENTS Today UMUC has grown to be the largest public university in the nation, serving students throughout the state, the country, and the world. Yet its focus on providing open access to high-quality educational programs and services—eliminating the barriers that can keep you from achieving your educational goals—remains unchanged. CARRYING OUT THE MISSION INDEX Students First At UMUC, your success as a student is of paramount importance. The university seeks not only to help you fulfill your current education goals but also to create an educational partnership that will last throughout your life. To that end, the university looks first for ways to ensure that you can easily access programs and services. Admission policies are designed to simplify the process (standardized tests are not required), allowing you to apply and register at the same time. As a global university, UMUC makes it possible for you to take classes any time, any place, by offering one of the largest selections of online programs available—in addition to classes at sites throughout Maryland and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and at military sites all over the world. You can also 4 Recognizing that financial concerns are often the biggest obstacle to higher education, UMUC also strives to keep tuition costs low and provides numerous financial aid opportunities, including scholarships for military and community college students. Excellence A regionally accredited university, UMUC is dedicated to providing you the highest quality programs and services and ensuring excellence in its online and on-site classes. In providing these programs, UMUC relies on a renowned faculty of scholar-practitioners—teachers who bring real-world experience as well as advanced academic credentials to your courses—and the use of the latest technologies. UMUC also is able to provide you with a wealth of resources because of its place within the University System of Maryland. The success of UMUC’s efforts is evident. Over the years, UMUC has garnered awards from such notable organizations as the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, the Online Learning Consortium, and the Maryland Distance Learning Association. Innovation UMUC has always looked for new and better ways to serve students. Long before the online revolution, UMUC was delivering courses to stu- dents at distant locations, using any and all available technologies—from interactive television to voice mail. Today, you can access both courses and services online, using the university’s learning management system and MyUMUC, its online gateway to services and information. Through its Center for Innovation in Learning and Student Success, UMUC leads the search for next-generation learning models and best practices for online learning. FACILITIES AND PROGRAMS UMUC offers degree programs from the associate level to the doctorate. Most undergraduate and graduate programs are available online. These academic programs are administered by The Undergraduate School and The Graduate School. The university’s administrative headquarters are located in Adelphi, Maryland, and also serve as home to a prestigious art collection and a conference facility, the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center at UMUC. The Academic Center at Largo houses both The Undergraduate School and The Graduate School, as well as all related academic support units. Most classes and services, however, are provided at more than 140 sites worldwide, as well as through cutting-edge technology—online via the university’s website, the learning management system, and MyUMUC. FOR ASSISTANCE Contact us by e-mail at studentsfirst @umuc.edu or by phone at 800-888UMUC (8682) for assistance. U N D E R G R A D U AT E C ATA LO G | 2018–2019 u m u c .e d u /u g p r o g r a m s The Undergraduate School The mission of The Undergraduate School at UMUC is to provide open access to quality undergraduate educational opportunities to women and men around the world, including residents of the state of Maryland, members of the U.S. Armed Services, and national and international students pursuing a university education on-site and online. The university seeks to produce graduates who are well prepared to be responsible citizens in a global society, as well as effective participants in the complex, fast-changing world of work. INDEX TABLE OF CONTENTS The Undergraduate School is committed to meeting your needs for lifelong learning by providing innovative delivery of high-quality educational programs, ensuring substantive and relevant curricula, and recognizing the value of experiential learning. At the undergraduate level, UMUC offers the Associate of Arts (available only to active-duty military personnel and other special populations, detailed on p. 81), the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the Bachelor of Technical and Professional Studies degrees, as well as five undergraduate certificates. PREPARING CITIZENS FOR THE FUTURE UMUC strives to prepare you to be effective professionals and citizens in your organizations, communities, and families. We value the contributions of both a broad-based education and specific disciplines to the undergraduate experience, so we incorporate cross-curricular context and analytical approaches in all programs to complement practice. Instruction and curricula at UMUC are based on the belief that certain 5 abilities are the hallmarks of successful learning. UMUC expects you to demonstrate knowledge and skills not only in your chosen major but also in critical analysis, reasoning, and problem solving; diverse cultures and historical periods; the use of technology; key concepts and principles of the natural, social, and behavioral sciences; information literacy; effective writing and communication; mathematical and quantitative reasoning; and the application of frameworks for ethical decision making. These are the hallmarks of a UMUC undergraduate education, and they are instilled through a broad foundation in general education and integrated into a strong and focused major area of study. Your mastery of these abilities is planned and assessed throughout your program of study. General education coursework is not just the lens through which you learn about different academic disciplines and how they see the world; it is also how you experience practical applications of foundational skills and concepts and make connections among different approaches and applications. UMUC’s requirements for general education coursework conform to Maryland requirements and are broadly accommodating of your interests and transfer credit. However, The Undergraduate School recommends specific courses to fulfill general education requirements you have not already completed. These courses are designed to help you acquire a grounding in the arts, humanities, and sciences by studying and applying the principles of these disciplines through concrete cases and examples. For your core studies, you may choose one of 33 majors from a wide variety of academic fields, including business administration, cybersecurity management and policy, humanities, communication studies, biotechnology, social science, legal studies, environmental management, and information systems management. Academic minors are available in 41 different areas. All the majors and minors have been reviewed and revised in consultation with faculty, employers, professional and educational organizations, and other experts in the field. These academic programs prepare you for the modern workplace and also help those of you who are currently employed put your current knowledge into a broader context. Recognizing the importance of lifelong learning, UMUC also offers several undergraduate certificates of value in the workplace for career advancement. SERVING ADULT STUDENTS UMUC welcomes and helps all students achieve their educational goals but has a special focus on the needs of working adult students. Eighty-one percent of UMUC undergraduates work full-time, and more than half of these are working parents. Currently, the median age for undergraduate students is 30 years old. In recognition of the diverse educational goals and aspirations of its students, the university uses a variety of strategies to make sure you have access to courses and to make completing your degree easier. Knowing that adult students bring experience as well as a willingness U N D E R G R A D U AT E C ATA LO G | 2018–2019 u m u c .e d u /u g p r o g r a m s The Undergraduate School, Continued . . . TABLE OF CONTENTS to learn, UMUC acknowledges the value of that experience by incorporating the assessment of nontraditional learning in the evaluation of students. Since adult students may have gained college-level learning from multiple sources, UMUC offers a number of innovative credit options that recognize the learning achieved through work and life experience and accelerate progress toward the degree. These options (described on pp. 201–204) include Workplace Learning, which offers credit for new learning in the workplace, and Prior Learning, which offers credit for college-level learning acquired through previous work or life experience. UMUC also accepts credit from community college coursework and a variety of other sources, including military service and credit by examination (described on pp. 203–205). INDEX UMUC understands the demands of balancing work, family, and study and responds by offering undergraduate classes at convenient locations and times, including evenings and weekends. Courses are also provided in innovative formats, including accelerated sessions, online delivery, and hybrid courses that combine on-site and online delivery. The rapid growth in undergraduate enrollments at UMUC testifies to the convenience, flexibility, and substantive content of its academic offerings in all formats. EDUCATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS UMUC is dedicated to collaboration and cooperation with other Maryland educational institutions, both public and private, and actively seeks relationships with those institutions to benefit Maryland citizens. 6 For more than 70 years, UMUC has proudly served the U.S. military through its educational partnerships in Europe and Asia. The university also reaches out through educational collaborations around the world. In support of the university’s mission to extend access to educational opportunities to Maryland’s working adult students, UMUC has formed alliances with all 16 Maryland community colleges, enabling students to earn an associate degree at an allied community college and finish a bachelor’s degree by completing required coursework at UMUC. These alliances offer a seamless transition between curricula through linked degree programs. Numerous locations in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area and online courses enable alliance students to complete associate and bachelor’s degrees conveniently close to home. Special UMUC scholarships are also available for graduates of Maryland community colleges. UMUC is a charter member of MarylandOnline, a consortium of Maryland community colleges and universities formed to encourage collaboration among institutions across Maryland and to extend resources for the development and delivery of online courses. learning opportunities to the workforce, UMUC has developed strong relationships with many prominent employers in the area and around the country, including the American Bankers Association, Booz Allen Hamilton, GEICO, and ManTech International. UMUC has developed customized programs for employers and organizations across the country. The university has developed articulated programs with other educational institutions nationwide—including community colleges across the United States—and internationally, including Far East Federal University and Irkutsk State University in Russia. UMUC has established allian...
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