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Radius of the earth= 6370 Km Core radius=2250 Km outer 1220=inner mantle=2900 Km (-100 Km crust) VOLUME OF THE EARTH—on quiz 1 Density provides clues to composition (elements-atomic mass) D=m/v Calculate v from knowing radius (6371 Km) V=4/3 pi r^3 We can’t measure M directly, but it is related to gravitational acceleration We can measure g which is related to period Density=5.1 Lower temperature at center: -matter accumulated in small gravitational field -after lunar size heat built up -heat lost by radiation elements led us to the concept of density composition 3 layer structure MINERALS AND CRYSTALS -naturally occurring compound -Si-O example -SiO2=electrical neutrality
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Unformatted text preview: =mineral QUARTZ-fixed composition-shape (external/internal)-perfect shapes are results of arrangement of atoms and space lattice (3d arrangement) ex:salt-minerals with internal symmetry=crystals/amorphous-sometimes a certain compound can occur as 2 or more species of crystals=polymorphism how do we know about internal geometry of atoms in crystals?-Braggs law-fixed distance between atomic planes-by using braggs law we can measure the distance between atomic planes and classify ALL minerals-internal arrangement of atoms is often reflected in external shape crystal-diameter of an atom~10 ^-8 how many atoms can u fit in a 1 cm cube?ON QUIZ 1...
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