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BioMi 290 Case Study #1 Case Studies in Microscopy: Middle Ear Mayhem Part 1: The Disease 1) Otitis media is a build up of fluid in the middle ear that cannot be released due to the infection, inflammation or general blockage of the Eustachian tube. Symptoms can be lack of balance, trouble hearing softer noises, fluid draining from the ear, tugging at one or both ears, and/or fever. If untreated, Otitis media can cause permanent hearing impairment. Part 2: The Cause 2) According to the bacterial growths on the growth media, it is expected that Streptococcus pneumoniae is the bacteria responsible for the 3 children’s infections because it is the only bacteria that fostered on its known selective growth medium. Part 3: The Cause (Continued) 3) The PCR experiment showed the same results, claiming Streptococcus pneumoniae as the suspected bacteria. The growth medium method reveals the type of bacteria that is in question by allowing the bacteria to grow. The PCR method is done for the same
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