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AIS 101 Journal 5

AIS 101 Journal 5 - Journal 5 Vine Deloria Advocating for a...

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Journal 5 Vine Deloria Advocating for a Green World Vine Deloria Jr., nephew to author Ella Deloria, is the first author I have read whose dichotomist views between the white world and the Native world are most similar to my own. He presents his views with evidence mixed with a little bit of comedy. In a particular article that I thoroughly enjoyed, “The Artificial Universe”, Deloria presents the problem of the disconnect individuals in urban areas have from the natural world, and how that disconnect is virtually destroying the natural cycles of the Earth. He supports this claim with the dichotomy of the natural world and the artificial world created in urban areas. This dichotomy is broken down further into what can be explained as Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) versus technologies and ways of life brought about by Western societies that I will refer to as Western Knowledge Systems (WKS). The IKS portrayed by Deloria show the ways and philosophies in which the Native people view the land, animals, and nature as a whole. In one case, he stated that, “The Indian lived with his land. He feared to destroy it by changing its natural shape
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