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Essay 1 Alyssa Griffith Ethnic or racial superiority is an issue that has arisen in many prevailing episodes in the United States History. It is often the drive behind discrimination in our society, which ultimately leads to anger, protest, and uprising. All of these negatives can lead a country into self-destruction and self-mutilation, such as in the case of: the Reconstruction Era and the African Americans, Westward Expansion and the Native Americans, and Industrialization and the new immigrants. During the Reconstruction Era, the years immediately following the American Civil War, African Americans were given the hope that their years of servitude and degradation may be coming to a close. These men and women were sadly mistaken. Although the Reconstruction Era did serve to slightly impact the treatment of African Americans, it in no way was the reform they hoped for. It was merely the beginning of the African Americans strive towards civil rights and equal treatment. White supremacy had existed in America since the Europeans arrived. The period of Reconstruction attempted to change this with Constitutional amendments and new laws. While the North’s win in the American Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the 13 th Amendment promised an end to slavery it did not end the racial superiority that existed in the North or South. The Freedman’s Bureau was established to assist former slaves, but it only made modest efforts towards securing a place for blacks in a dominantly white society. Black Codes were established in the South that served to give whites control over blacks. The 14
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Essay1 - Essay 1 Alyssa Griffith Ethnic or racial...

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