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n = # of customers in the system| λ = mean arrival rate of customers/ aver. # of arrivals per time period| μ = mean service rate per busy server/ aver. # of customers in service c= seervers p = λ/μ = utilization factor/ aver. # of customers in service P n =probability of n customers in the system Ls= λ/(μ-λ) = mean # of customers in the system Lq= ρλ/(μ-λ) = mean # of customers in the queue Ws= 1/(μ-λ) = mean time cust spends in the system Wq= ρ/(μ-λ) =mean time customers spend in the queue P0= 1-p = probability that the system will be idle P(n>k)= p^(k+1) = probability that an arrival waits With more than one server: P0= Ls= Ws= Lq= Ls- p Wq= Ws- (1/μ) = Lq/λ Psychology of waiting: that old empty feeling- a foot in the door- the light at the end of the tunnel(am I forgotten?)-excuse me but I was next- they also serve, who sit and wait. Economics of waiting: internal customers, external, lost sales. m/m/1- single server, FIFO
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