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LEGAL REGULATION OF PARENT AND CHILD RELATIONS Class activities* Class 1 Jan. 9: Introduction Discussion questions 1)What is the song about? 2)Why is she leaving home? 3)What are her parents’ reaction when they find out? 4)Why do some children run away from home? 5)What are the legal implications of a minor that runs away from home? 6)What would you do if you saw a minor walking on the street alone at night? 7)What is the Amber Alert? How does it work in Ontario? Do you think it is effective? 1)What happened? 2)What do you think of the parents’ decision to let their children go to the park? 3)What was the police reaction? 4)What happened the second time? 5)When should children walk to school alone? 6)When can children be left home alone? 7)What about riding on public transportation? 8)What is the appropriate age for children to have a Facebook page or use social media? 9)Are there other activities that are considered wrong now but totally normal and appropriate just a few decades ago? 10)Should there be curfews for children to be out at night? Why or why not?
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