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Week 1 discussion two 6111 Post an analysis and description of the importance of the use of theory in clinical practice. Then describe how the use of theory relates to the social issue you presented in your introductory video for this week’s assignment.
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Unformatted text preview:expected with the level of devastation that the service member entails (Pilisuk, Zazzi, & Wilpert, 2006). The military looks at the lack of order and respect for authority in the civilian society which is giving a wide cultural gap. The military values of sacrifice, unity, self-discipline, and considering the interests of the group before those of the individual; while American society has become less disciplined in areas as a church, family, and school. Reference Pilisuk, M., Zazzi, J., & Wilpert, G. (2006). Toward a psychosocial theory of military and economic violence in the era of globalization. JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES , 62 (1), 41-62. Retrieved from ? url= ? direct=true&db=edswss&AN=000235356300003&site=eds-live&scope=site