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HW #2 p. 45 English 202A When Rick Zollo researched truck drivers at Iowa 80, I felt that he was actually there with the intent to obtain real research. He was forward, but honest, asking people if they would like to talk, explaining why, and taking notes. When I read Ivana Nikolic’s paper on the homeless, I felt that she had not really researched it. I felt that the topic wasn’t so much on the culture of the homeless as the introduction and the conclusion would want you to believe but more about her time in the shelter. Ivana’s “interviews” with people were just small conversations she had with them, and I wonder if she was researching this, or just happened to write about it after the fact. Did she go to the shelter with the intent to write a paper? It was clear Rick Zollo was researching for a paper, and he made that clear to most everyone he spoke to. As researchers, both Ivana and Rick looked at their subjects very differently. Rick
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Unformatted text preview: held his with the highest respect, almost to the point of envy. Ivana pitied the homeless she studied, and although she had respect for them, her tone when describing them almost seemed critical. Solomon would not find the job he wanted, Hope must be have lying, and the Alejandro appears as if he cant handle labor. She respects them for being in the shelter and trying to get out, but I think because she did get away, she almost wants to correct those at the shelter on the right way to do it. Despite the difference I picked up on with in the twos research, the format of their essays were similar. Both explained their place with in their decided culture, and both used interviews with people as the meat of the paper. Also, who the type of people they interview were similar, both Ivana and Rick choose people of different ages, race, and backgrounds, as well as those who work around the culture....
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