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Essay 3 - Essay 3 Alyssa Griffith In a time of American...

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Essay 3 Alyssa Griffith In a time of American Industrialization and change, not every race, gender, and ethnicity was given the equal treatment in which they deserved. Groups such as the African Americans, Native Americans, and factory workers were discriminated against and poorly treated in the growing nation. Although extremely different on the outside, these people had hopes, dreams, and grievances that they experienced between the years of 1865-1916. These Americans went through great trials and tribulations, although they may have also experienced an uncommon ray of hope in their dismal lives. During the period of Radical Reconstruction, the African Americans continued to experience racial discrimination and segregation. After the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln, the former slaves of the South and freed slaves of the North, believed that they were finally going to experience a life of equality and freedom. These people were sadly mistaken. In April 1866, the Joint Committee for Reconstruction proposed a new amendment to the Constitution. The 14 th Amendment set forth that everyone born or naturalized in the U.S. were automatically citizens and entitled to the “privileges and immunities” guaranteed by the Constitution, such as equal protection of the laws by both state and federal governments. Any states that denied suffrage to any adult male inhabitants would receive penalties. This amendment seemed like a glimmer of hope in the eyes of African Americans, but it failed to truly raise them to equal standards. State legislatures in the South enacted the Black Codes, which were designed to give whites substantial control over former slaves. The African Americans were also involved sharecropping, and segregated schools were hardly a success. The North attempted to extend the life of the Freedman’s
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Essay 3 - Essay 3 Alyssa Griffith In a time of American...

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