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Final essays Fem the - 9426 Essay 1 When the womens...

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9426 Essay 1 When the women’s movement began back in the late 1800s it was targeted at one group of women: middle-class, white, privileged women. That type of women’s movement was restrictive and ignored the struggles that women of color face. This is where Black, Global and Third Wave feminisms branched out from. This essay will look at the ways, in which these diverse feminisms challenge white feminisms, enlighten the mainstream feminisms to new ideas and help build future feminism biased on their perspectives. Different kinds of feminisms have different standpoints than others, some more similar and some completely different. Here is an overview of black, global, and third wave standpoints. Black feminism points out factors that make them tripled oppressed: racisms, classism, and sexism. The famous women of color writer, bell hooks, also points out that black feminists do not have a common ‘enemy’, that women of color want more than to just strive toward their colored equals. Global feminisms explore the difference and interconnectedness of women throughout the world. They may also suffer from oppression stemming out of colonialism, ethnicity, and sexism. I remember reading an article about a Muslim who was also a feminist, who said that women in America care more about her head covering and the oppression that may stem than the fact many people do not have clean drinking water. Third Wave feminists focus on creating a movement that is flexible that includes more members so they can combat multiple oppressions. Rebecca Walker, a writer with a powerful voice states, “Do not vote for them unless they work for us. Do not have sex with them, do not break bread with them, do not nurture them if they do not prioritize our freedom to control our bodies and our lives.” What she is trying to illustrate here is all your efforts should in someway be to help women’s causes, and men who do not support women’s causes are a waste of time and energy.
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9426 Black, Global and Third Wave Feminisms challenge white feminisms by questioning the lenses that middle class, white America sees things. Black feminists challenge white feminists saying that their lower status on the totem pole gives them a better look at white women’s oppression. An example of this is the black housekeepers who worked in rich, upper class homes
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Final essays Fem the - 9426 Essay 1 When the womens...

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