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Essay 4 Alyssa Griffith During the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, the role of federal government expanded substantially in American society. Many factors attributed to this growth such as: reconstruction and constitutional change, the industrialization and reform legislation, and imperialism and changes in foreign policy. The most significant of these to the expansion of federal government was the Reconstruction Era and the constitutional changes of this time. During the post-Civil War Ear, better known as the Reconstruction Era, the federal government expanded its reign in society. The main goal of the federal government during the Reconstruction Era was to reunite the Union. In order to accomplish this, they established different plans, such as Lincoln’s 10% plan and the Wade Davis Bill. The Wade Davis Bill was passed by Congress for the president to appoint each conquered state with a provisional governor. This is a significant example of the federal governments work to control the rebellious state government of the South. The federal government also adopted three new Constitutional amendments. The 13 th Amendment was ratified in 1865 following the Emancipation Proclamation. This amendment abolished slavery in the United States. The 14 th Amendment was proposed by the Joint Committee on Reconstruction in April of 1886. The 14 th Amendment presented the constitutional definition of American citizenship, it dictated that everyone born and naturalized in the United States was automatically a citizen and entitle to all the “privileges and immunities” guaranteed by the Constitution, including equal
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essay4 - Essay 4 Alyssa Griffith During the late 19th and...

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