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Advanced English 10 Mrs. Gildow Position Paper #1 6 December 2005 I. Problem: The problem under review is piracy of music and other files over the internet being illegal. It seems that people are “stealing” music, movies, and games off file sharing programs, which leads to punishment towards those who are convicted. II. Interested Party: One group who cares about piracy over the internet is the United States Government. The government is looking to seek out offenders who break the anti-piracy laws. III. Exigence: This problem matters to the government due to the fact that the economy and industry of music is being poisoned. The government therefore is trying to protect the works and recordings of music artists that have copyrighted work. The government is trying to prevent illegal distribution of music over the internet because of the government laws against it. The government created laws leading to major penalties to perform the tasks of protecting the music artists and the music that is made. IV. Perspective:
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