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Arsh Chopra Advanced English 10 Mrs. Gildow Position Paper #2 8 December 2005 I. Problem: The problem under review is piracy of music and other files over the internet being illegal. It seems that people are “stealing” music, movies, and games off file sharing programs, which leads to punishment towards those who are convicted. II. Interested Party: One group who cares about piracy over the internet is the pirates who are file sharing with each other around the world. The pirates feel that file sharing should be legal and that people who file share shouldn’t be punished. III. Exigence: This problem matters to the pirates of the internet because they feel that sharing music over the internet should be legal. Also, the pirates of the internet feel that the punishments that are given to offenders should be removed. Finally, people who use file sharing networks to be completely legalized so that the government is not watching the activity on their computers. This would secure total privacy of users who use the
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