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Position Paper 3 - Arsh Chopra Advanced English 10 Mrs...

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Arsh Chopra Advanced English 10 Mrs. Gildow Position Paper #3 8 December 2005 I. Problem: The problem under review is piracy of music and other files over the internet being illegal. It seems that people are “stealing” music, movies, and games off file sharing programs, which leads to punishment towards those who are convicted. II. Interested Party: One group who cares about piracy over the internet is the artists who are creating music and trying to make money off the albums and tracks sold. Most artists want piracy to be illegal in America. III. Exigence: This problem matters to the artists who are making music because they are trying to make a living off the music they make. When people pirate music on file sharing networks, usually only a handful of people are buying the music and then making it available to the rest of the people who are on the network. As a result, the artist isn’t making as steady of an income as they would if all those people actually paid for the music. That isn’t to say that they are broke without any money. They are still relatively
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