3-28-07 Notes - • limited the effectiveness of unions b.)...

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Cold War Society I. Question of Loyalty A. Propaganda 1. Soviet Union = Totalitarian 2. National Atomic Civil Defense Program 3. CIA action 4. The pledge 5. Fear of the Reds a.) Stigma b.) Films become propaganda 6. Conformity B. Persecution 1. Government investigations 2. House Un-American Activities Committee and Joesph McCarthy a.) Hollywood b.) Education c.) McCarthy charges d.) Televised hearings e.) Downfall 3. Alger Hiss – Perjury 4. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg 5. Local efforts 6. The FBI and J. Edgar Hoover 7. McCarran Walter immigration Act II. Politics A. Truman's First Term 1. 1946 the Republicans control Congress a.) Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 i.) Cut taxes on the wealthy ii.)Overturned parts of the Wagner Act right to work laws Prohibited closed shops president broader injunction powers
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Unformatted text preview: • limited the effectiveness of unions b.) Truman vetoed, Congress overrode c.) Little progress in first term 2. Election of 1950 a.) Republican – Thomas A Dewey b.) Dixiecrat – Strom Thurmond c.) Progressive – Henry A. Wallace d.) Democrat – Harry S. Truman B. Truman and his Fair Deal 1. Goals a.) Public housing b.) broaden the Social Security Act c.) increase the minimum wage d.) National Health insurance e.) federal aid for education f.) raise taxes to pay for programs 2. Failure a.) coalition of Republicans and southern Democrats b.) Democrats feared charges of som c.) American Medical Association and health insurance d.) Catholics and the education bill 3. Results...
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3-28-07 Notes - • limited the effectiveness of unions b.)...

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