2-12-07 Notes - 2/12/2007 EXAM NEXT MONDAY (2/19) Suleiman...

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2/12/2007 EXAM NEXT MONDAY (2/19) Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566) did many things for the Ottoman Empire. Traditional for a Sultan to win a battle after they become into power, to show they were worthy. He decided to attack Rhodes, the Hospitallers (Knights and Monks combined) They were basically Pirates, raiding many ships that go through there (mostly Muslims) Suleiman, in 1522, attacked Rhodes, but the Turks eventually took over after 6 months, the Turks actually had many casualties. He let them leave, and promised to treat everyone on the island nicely. Went to Crete, which was property of Venice, and they made them leave. They got the island of Malta, becoming the Knights of Malta. Attacked the Hungarians, at a place called Mohacs. Turks primarily had light calvary (horse archers). Put the light calvary in front of everyone, than the cannons, and finally the janissaries, the flanks were covered by heavy calvary. The guns were chained together. The light calvary would mask the heavy guns, and the light calvary were dispersed when the Hungarians charged with their heavy calvary. King Louis (Hungarian) was killed at Mohacs was killed in 1526.
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2-12-07 Notes - 2/12/2007 EXAM NEXT MONDAY (2/19) Suleiman...

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