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Urslula Jost Anabaptist – Community of goods. Apolitical Communism Jakob Hutler – Austrian Baptist, the most successful in pushing Anabaptist, moved to Moravia 1560, there were communities that had about 200-400 people a piece, called Moravian Brotherhood. Salem in Winston-Salem is a Moravian Community. Moved to the English Colonies, mainly Canada though. Idea that they are the Saints, there is nothing they can do that is sinful. Hans Denk said that there is no sin below the heart. They believed in Free Love and Dominium of Grace. Take from the sinners what they needed/wanted. This was only a small portion of the Anabaptist community. The story of Munster, a Northwestern German City, beings with Melchior Hoffman who early on converted to Lutheranism. He ended up in Strasburg after leaving a town for an unknown reason. Ursula Jost converted Hoffman to Anabaptist, and made him set a year for the second coming of Jesus. He predicted 1533 in Strasburg. He ended up getting kicked out of Strasburg. He ended up coming back in 1533 and was thrown in jail, where he ended up dying in 10 years.
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  • Spring '07
  • Munster, Anabaptist, Menno Simons, Melchior Hoffman, Urslula Jost Anabaptist, Apolitical Communism Jakob

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