PracMidTerm - Stat/ME 424 Spring 2008 Problems and...

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Stat/ME 424, Spring 2008 Problems and Solutions for Practice Exam for Midterm I This is a closed book exam, except for three pages of notes. You are allowed to use calculators. There are four problems in this exam. In order to get full credit, please answer all problems. Please put your answers in a blue book with your name on the blue book cover. Problem 1 1. Fill up the blanks in the ANOVA table for a multiple linear regression model. Analysis of Variance Source DF Sum of Square Mean Square F-Statistic P value Regression 5 25108.1 0.000 Residual Error Total 124 38252.8 2. What is the estimate of σ 2 , model variance ? 3. Calculate the R 2 . Is the adjusted R 2 larger or smaller than the R 2 ? 4. Is there a systematic pattern in the residual plot? If so, explain the pattern. 1
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20 30 40 50 60 70 80 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 Residual vs. Fitted g$fitted g$residual Problem 2 The Madison Symphony has tried three approaches (denoted by A , B and C ) to solicit donations from the residents in Madison. The following ANOVA table is given for the data :
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PracMidTerm - Stat/ME 424 Spring 2008 Problems and...

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