SI-Drama Final Exam Review Questions

SI-Drama Final Exam Review Questions - Drama 16, Final Exam...

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Drama 16, Final Exam Review Questions December 2006 1. Who was the 20 th century playwright that was able to give the white man the experience of the black man in America? 2. Athol Fugard mean for his play Master Harold . . and the boys to be seen, not read. Why did he want us to witness his play together as an audience? 3. What does Peck give Li’l Bit when they meet in the hotel? 4. When is the last time Peck and Li’l Bit see each other? 5. How does Peck die? 6. The external technique, which was based upon the practice of deep and passionate study of human behavior in all outward forms. David Garrick called acting such as this: 7. In the movie about Julie Taymore, the play in rehearsal and performance was ___. 8. Julie Taymore called the director the _____. 9. Why does Peck believe that it is OK for him and Li’l Bit to be together? 10. Can you name another play that Julie Taymore was famous for directing? 11. What is the setting of Tuesdays with Morrie ? How do the characters know each other? How are the props moved within the play? 12. What is the name of the person who directed ‘The Underpants’? 13. In Fences how did Troy’s dreams and disappointments shape his son Cory? 14. At the end of Fences how does Rose tell Cory to deal with his feelings about his father? 15. A Streetcar Named Desire is an example of which tragic vision? 16. Oedipus is an example of which tragic vision? 17. “Policeman B enters stage left, crosses to center stage, and sits at the desk.” This direction is an example of: 18. What is the ‘chain of command/authority’ in theatre? 19. What is LORT? 1
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Drama 16, Final Exam Review Questions December 2006 20. In the second to last scene of How I Learned to Drive Li’l Bit is 11, but the chorus speaking as Li’l Bit is a teen. Why did the author do this? 21. Why does Li’l Bit get kicked out of college? 22. The resolution of the drama is referred to as 23. List the early responsibilities of the director. 24. Samuel Beckett is most closely associated with what type of theater? 25. What playwright said this: “Blacks tended to take the world as what it was. In realism, the artist has to show what it is, but also what is possible, and to achieve this, it requires much more creativity.” 26. Most directors believe they have completed 90 percent of their job when they have finished ______. 27. Lorraine Hansberry wrote how many plays, and what was the title of the one that was not about the black experience in America? 28. Home Alone is an example of what type of comedy? 29. When in rehearsals an actor does not know his next line he would say 30. “His words were so well constructed. He didn’t just right a play – his plays transcended race. When push came to shove, families are alike. We all desire the same things; we all make the same mistakes; we all have those same family confrontations.” What playwright is this? 31. There are 2 kinds of directing styles.
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SI-Drama Final Exam Review Questions - Drama 16, Final Exam...

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