History 128 Final Exam IDs

History 128 Final Exam IDs - History 128 Final Exam IDs 1....

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History 128 Final Exam ID’s 1. Ike’s “Bangs for the Buck” 1961 Farewell Address -discussed military defense complex -after WWII, U.S. did not demobilize or reduce number -immediately after WWII, the Cold War began -During the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s- U.S. spent more and more money on defense -very assertive in stating that it was necessary to defense the country, but the ties between defense and govt. was too strong and will dive the country away from public interest. -“every gun fired, every rocket that is launched is money away from people not fed and not clothed.” -more on military means less for the people “Bang for the Buck” -Eisenhower is head of NATO -worried that military defense complex will hurt the nation -Solution- reduce military, but win the Cold War by creating cheap deterrents -Truman increased military spending from 15 to 50 million and Ike kept it there -achieved this by covert activities and the creation of a massive nuclear arsenal MAD 1950’s-90’s - Mutual Assured Destruction -soviets and U.S. (Eisenhower) -if one side is going to attack, then the other will retaliate with nuclear force -as long as we both know we have enough nuclear bombs to kill each other, no one will start a war. -President has 7 minutes to respond to attack (takes 30 min for bombs to travel from US to Russia -U.S. did not want to fight Soviets how they wanted. Cheaper to make nuclear weapons than have men fight with tanks/weapons/training/pensions. U.S. was ahead with tech. so had an advantage -successful until end of Cold War because now no one knows where the bombs could come from. -if conflict was started, we would all pay the price Mohammed Mossadegh -Arab nationalist in Iran (prime minister from 1951 to 1953) -wanted control of their oil fields -gained support and became prime minister -takes over BP’s property -America was afraid he was working with the Soviets so the CIA set up to overthrow him with Zihadi(was put in power in 1953)
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-with Zihadi in power, Britain was no longer a main player, the oil fields were denationalized and U.S. got 50% control of the oil fields. Jacobo Arbenz 1953 -socialist and a nationalists (not a communist) leader in Guatemala -preached that the U.S. and United Fruit owned too much of the land and wanted his country to control their own land. -he seizes 224,000 acres of land controlled by United Fruit -Eisenhower wants Arbenz out of power to protect United Fruit and orders the CIA to overthrow him with covert operations (Organizes rebel fighters and other countries to fight) -Puts Carlos Castillo Armas in power which gave United Fruit their land and lots of nice things -this is a reflection of how Dwight Eisenhower won the cold war efficiently and inexpensively 2. McLecture Bill Levitt-1950s -created Levittown’s that were cookie cutter neighborhoods where all houses are the same -BL involved in engineering in the Navy during WWII cheap and fast. Not worried about making something that would be pretty but would work and be cheap. -building Levittown houses was like an assembly line by breaking jobs down
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History 128 Final Exam IDs - History 128 Final Exam IDs 1....

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