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Hist 128 Test 2 IDs - History 128 Test 2 Identifications...

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History 128 Test 2 Identifications WWI Warfront Lecture “Speed of War” 1914-1918 WW1 -machine guns, tanks, gas, submarines, airplanes increases death toll -makes WW1 extremely bloody -trench warefare Central Powers -Germany, Austria, Italy -all the countries touch each other which is good for communication -winds up being Germany vs. the World. -Significance-bad guys in WW1 “Culture War?” -propaganda from Europe portraying Germans as horrible human beings(underground cable from Europe) -changed the names of hamburgers, hotdogs -Discriminated against Germans (Wisconsin, Bach, Beethoven) -manifest our own patriotism (ex. Play national anthem at sporting events) -Europe has natural advantage over Germans because our society is based off British. “Lusitania” 1915 -Commercial ship sunk by the Germans -weapons on board but was an excuse to get behind Europe -still don’t go to war because we are not ready besides our navy. Zimmerman Telegram 1917 -Wilson asks for declaration of war in 1917 after Zimmerman Telegram -Germany sends telegram to Mexico asking them to attack the U.S. Reasons U.S. goes to War 1. Zimmerman Telegram. 2. Investments-Loaned billions of dollars to France and Britain and cant get money back if British lose. 3. Submarines. 4. Wilson’s reason is to make the world safe for democracy. WWI Homefront Lecture “The American Difference” -Americans supply food and weapons to French and Britain -timing is fortunate because it makes our troops look decisive but really we are just important. -increases moral Convoy -put naval vessels surrounding merchant ships -successful because we don’t lose any ships, U-Boats are too scared. CPI -1917-committee of public information -George Creel -75,000 people hired, “Four minute Men” go around and drum up support. Espionage Act 1917 -illegal to aid the enemy, encourage disloyalty, or obstruct recruitment Sedition Act 1918 -illegal to criticize president and government -both Espionage and Sedition Act go against First Amendment Great Migration Lecture
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“Yankee Jim Crow” -life in south for a black is locked in by laws but not in north -still prejudice against blacks but no legal things like the south -an attitude against blacks. Life is still better in the north than the south. “Chain Migration” -blacks moving north and calling other southern blacks that life is good. By word of mouth more and more blacks moving north increases migration. -by the end of the war, “last hired, first fired” when whites come back from war, they get the jobs back and blacks are fired. Eastern and Western Routes -eastern blacks moving up to north east (NYC) -western blacks moving up to Midwest (Chicago, Detroit) Marcus Garvey 1919-1920 -Jamaican that started UNIA (universal nergo improvement association)-improve black life by going back to Africa -is a separatist because he thinks whites will never be fair to blacks. “Harlem Renaissance and Decline” 1920s-1935(ends in 1935 because of race riot)
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Hist 128 Test 2 IDs - History 128 Test 2 Identifications...

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